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Bringing Clarity to Complexity

Our clients reach out to us to bring clarity and sound guidance when facing complex financial situations. With a background that straddles corporate finance, litigation, and mathematical-modeling, DecisionBoundaries has a leg up on our more traditional competitors.

Traversing The “Silo”

Our creative approach to problem solving is what makes DecisionBoundaries unique, integrating real-world securities expertise with a novel, academic framework to financial analysis. In contrast to typical “siloed” approaches, our interdisciplinary focus bridges the gaps between practical corporate advisory and data-driven economic modeling, giving our clients the edge they need to tackle any financial situation.

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Straddling the Divide

Academic Theory & Applied Practice

DecisionBoundaries straddles the divide between the academic and the practical, allowing us to address financial challenges with both intellectual rigor and creativity. Led by a 30-year veteran of complex financial analysis—who holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, an MBA, and certifications from Columbia and Stanford in Data Science and Machine Learning—our firm combines both theory and practice to generate superior results.

Legal, Financial, and Data-Driven Modeling

While 95% of the available data is ignored by traditional appraisers, DecisionBoundaries’ unparalleled background in investment banking and mathematical modeling provides both the industry-expertise and technical capabilities necessary to evaluate and distinguish meaningful insights.

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Leadership & Expertise

Carlos A. Abadi Managing Director

With over 30-years of international investment banking experience, Carlos is a globally-recognized expert in economic analysis and complex financial products. A pioneer of emerging market derivatives, Carlos pairs a strong academic background in finance, machine learning, and data science, with unparalleled real-world securities trading and corporate litigatory experience.

Carlos’ high-profile work has been covered within international events—including the first non-dilutive CET1 transaction compliant with Basel III rules and the first Chapter 11 filing for a Latin American issuer—with his expertise frequently called upon by notable publications like Bloomberg, Reuters, Debtwire, and The Financial Times.

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Banks & Asset Managers

From asset valuation to financial engineering for capitalization or restructuring purposes, DecisionBoundaries serves banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and other financial institutions seeking clarity in financial complexity.

Lawyers & Corporations

Whether seeking provable damages claims during litigation or financial restructuring advisement in a distressed debt situation, DecisionBoundaries pairs extensive real-world expertise with a strong background in data-driven modeling to support litigators, corporations, and law firms in a variety of matters.