Legal & Corporate Solutions

Litigation Support

DecisionBoundaries provide the tools counsel needs to have an edge in any settlement, discussions, or at trial. From discovery to trial, we advise counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants on complex financial matters.

The insights DecisionBoundaries develops will ensure that our damages calculations are performed in accordance with applicable rules, regulations, and case law particular to where the case is being litigated.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Through our rigorous use of economic modeling, DecisionBoundaries turns legal assertions into provable claims. Pairing this data-driven methodology with decades of financial litigation experience, our firm’s interdisciplinary approach garners more successful client outcomes than the competition.

Provable Premises

With a background that straddles corporate finance, litigation, and mathematical-modeling, DecisionBoundaries has a leg up on our more traditional competitors. Given that the amount of recoverable damages—not the alleged damages—determines the outcome of a litigation, our economic modeling is supported by clear causation diagrams and other scientific analyses.

This well-supported approach generates superior client results, with applications in additional matters, including LBO disputes, buy-sell agreement resolutions, marital dissolutions, and business valuations outside litigation.

Securities Litigation

Aided by the knowledge gathered in over three-decades of securities trading experience—with an intimate knowledge of FINRA and SEC rules— DecisionBoundaries’ asset pricing expertise will give the edge to any litigant – plaintiff or defendant.

Valuing Damages

We assist counsel and their clients in valuing damages from financial fraud, churning, improper security structuring, suitability, and asset manager liability. From pure mathematics to machine learning, US-listed equities to foreign exotic securities, DecisionBoundaries utilizes expertise and technology to approach complex securities valuations from all angles.

Class Actions

DecisionBoundaries advises clients in class action litigation, providing independent and objective guidance throughout the process.

Independent & Objective Advise

Combining our deep understanding of actual market behavior, relevant economic theory, and empirical research, DecisionBoundaries delivers sound, individualized client guidance during complex class action matters. We advise clients regarding direct and indirect purchaser antitrust cases & securities, wage and hour, consumer protection, and breach of contract actions.

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