Our Areas of Expertise

Our clients reach out to us to bring clarity and sound guidance when facing
complex financial situations. We remain highly focused on serving companies,
institutions, and investors seeking financial advice for litigation support,
financial distress, creditors’ rights, and financial engineering.

With extensive experience using rigorous economic models, pure mathematics,
and machine learning—combined with knowledge of actual market
behavior—DecisionBoundaries expertly advises clients throughout litigation, financial restructuring, and distressed credit events.

Representative Engagements

Litigation Support

DecisionBoundaries provide the tools counsel needs to have an edge in any settlement, discussions, or at trial. From discovery to trial, we advise counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants on complex financial matters.

Complex Commercial Litigation:

Through our rigorous use of economic modeling, DecisionBoundaries turns legal assertions into provable claims. Pairing this data-driven methodology with decades of financial litigation experience, our firm’s interdisciplinary approach garners more successful client outcomes than the competition.

Securities Litigation & Class Actions:

Aided by the knowledge gathered in over three-decades of securities trading experience—with an intimate knowledge of FINRA and SEC rules—DecisionBoundaries’ asset pricing expertise will give the edge to any litigant – plaintiff or defendant.

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Financial Restructuring & Creditors’ Advisory

DecisionBoundaries advises creditors and committees of companies who may be in financial distress. Our goal is to use our experience and expertise to help creditors maximize recoveries in all financial situations as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Out of Court Restructuring & Recapitalization:

When engaged by a stressed or distressed debtor, we seek to engage in negotiations with the relevant creditor constituencies. Using our financial engineering expertise, we advise clients on a range of possible transactions to avoid value-destroying bankruptcy filings.

Chapter 11 Advisory:

As a last resort, DecisionBoundaries advises clients throughout the Chapter 11 process. With unparalleled expertise—including the first Chapter 11 filing for a Latin American issuer—DecisionBoundaries is uniquely qualified to provide guidance through complex Chapter 11 processions.

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Financial Engineering

Private Company Valuation:

DecisionBoundaries uses a significant portion of the approximately 95% of data that is ignored for litigation purposes in order to yield accurate and valuable information to stakeholders.

Bank Capital Advisory:

With unique expertise in bank regulatory capital matters, DecisionBoundaries works with banking organizations around the world to advise on prospective capital increases when the opportunities for placement of common stock are not ideal.

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