Creditors' Advisory - DecisionBoundaries

Creditors’ Advisory

DecisionBoundaries advises creditors and committees of financially distressed companies both inside and outside of formal bankruptcy. Our goal is to help creditors maximize recoveries from distressed corporate and sovereign situations and to work with other constituents to achieve those recoveries in a timely manner. We understand that creditors may value the form of consideration and other terms of a restructuring differently, and we work with creditors and committees to optimize the recoveries our clients receive based on their desired outcome. As financial advisors to creditors and committees our work tends to encompass the three following categories.

Creditors' Advisory

Business Assessment

  • Assessment of short-term liquidity needs,
  • Evaluation of financial controls,
  • Critical assessment of financial forecasts.


  • Calculation of enterprise value,
  • Calculation of liquidation value,
  • Quantification of debt service capability,
  • Design of an appropriate capital structure on a post-emergence basis.


  • Negotiating with relevant stakeholders and their representatives an executable financial restructuring plan,
  • Quantification of potential preferences and fraudulent conveyances,
  • Investigation of intercompany transfers,
  • Leading and supporting relevant transaction processes, including asset sales.