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Financial Engineering

Based on its knowledge and real-world experience, DecisionBoundaries is uniquely equipped to provide financial engineering advisory services to its clients. The services we provide include:

Financial Engineering

Private Company Valuation

As opposed to valuations prepared in support of litigation, which must follow not always economically sound rules, private company valuations done outside of litigation can yield much more accurate and valuable information to stakeholders. Those valuations, while following some of the general principles of the valuations in support of litigation, can avail themselves of overall sound economic concepts and use a significant portion of the approximately 95% of data that is ignored for litigation purposes.

Economic, data-driven valuations are particularly important to investors in making investment decisions and to lenders in making credit-sizing decisions.

Security Design and Valuation

In addition to valuing securities for litigation purposes, DecisionBoundaries performs valuations outside of litigation. These valuations are used by asset managers to mark to market their illiquid (Level 3) securities and to evaluate the prospective purchase of such exotic securities.

DecisionBoundaries also advises issuers in the design of securities that achieve their financing needs while finding acceptance in the marketplace.

Bank Capital Advisory

DecisionBoundaries possesses a unique expertise in bank regulatory capital matters. As such, it works with banks around the world to advise on prospective capital increases when the opportunities for placement of common stock are not ideal.