Financial Restructuring - DecisionBoundaries

Financial Restructuring

DecisionBoundaries is committed to delivering good outcomes to our financially stressed and distressed clients. Unlike other firms, DecisionBoundaries does not provide operational turnaround advise and focuses exclusively on the financial issues present.

Financial Restructuring

A Combination of Critical Skills

DecisionBoundaries combines extensive knowledge of restructuring strategies with M&A expertise, capital markets knowledge, credit analysis skills, and negotiation experience in distressed situations.

Out of Court Restructuring and Recapitalization

It is DecisionBoundaries’ experience that consensual out-of-court restructurings tend to produce the best outcomes for stakeholders collectively. When engaged by a stressed or distressed debtor, we seek to engage in negotiations with the relevant creditor constituencies and thus seek to avoid value-destroying bankruptcy filings.

Throughout the out-of-court financial restructuring process, DecisionBoundaries vigorously negotiates on behalf of its clients and levers on its financial engineering wherewithal to advise the client on a range of possible consensual transactions including, but not limited to, tender and exchange offers, rescue financing, recapitalizations, loan instrument amendments, as well as pre-packaged bankruptcies.

Chapter 11 Advisory

As a last resort, and coordinating closely with counsel, we will advise our client throughout the Chapter 11 process until emergence. Every Chapter 11 case is different, but our services typically include:

  • Chapter 11 planning,
  • Contingency planning,
  • First-day motions,
  • Assistance in the negotiation of DIP financing,
  • Accounts payable cutoff procedures,
  • Statement of Financial Affairs,
  • Schedules of Assets and Liabilities,
  • Monthly operating reports,
  • Preference Analysis,
  • Claims resolution,
  • Monthly operating reports,
  • Viability analysis,
  • Negotiations with creditors and their representatives,
  • Financial advise with respect to adversary issues,
  • Assistance in the preparation of Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement,
  • Assistance in the negotiation of exit financing.